Here at Fabrica we have a huge selection of Fabric, Haberdashery, Crafts and Knitting yarn.

We also have Simplicity and New Look pattern books with a quick and easy ordering, delivered to you door within 48 hours (subject to stock) for those of you passionate about dressmaking.

All of our stock items are reasonably priced and will help to give your project that professional finish. 

We have a big range of fabrics and a selection of tools and equipment to help with all sewing projects.

We have a variety of quilting supplies including wadding, cutting mats, quilters rulers, frames and hoops and many more.

We aim to provide the best quality of product at competitive prices. 

We have an exceptionally wide choice of the dressmaking equipment necessary to turn your projects into a professional piece of work. Whether you are looking for a dressmakers dummy, a new sewing machine or dressmaking scissors and rotary cutters we have everything you need to help do the job. If you are unsure about a product please call us and we will be delighted to assist you in every possible way.

Welcome to our terrific range of Knitting and Crochet products. From knitting wool to crochet hooks, row counters and stitch holders we have a variety of accessories at unbelievable prices. We have a wide selection of sewing boxes and knitting bags and floor stands. 

We have a huge inventory of items in our Trimmings section of the website. There is a great selection of braids, fringing, bindings and cords amongst many other items. We also have sequins, lace trims and feather boas for decoration. Within the Ribbon section of our website we have a huge variety of ribbons to offer. From satins, grosgrains to velvet and polka dot, we aim to provide a ribbon for every occasion.



We pride ourselves on offering a mesmerizing and ever growing range of haberdashery products that will fulfil your every sewing need. We source from the top suppliers in the industry to give you an outstanding selection including luxury bias binding, cord, elastic, scissors, snaps and many more products to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our needle section that contains every needle type you could possibly require for your latest creation!